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Friday, September 27, 2002 :::

Today's Tale From UCI

So... what happened today? Well...

Sometime this morning, Jason and I were awakened to teh tune of someone knocking on our door. Jason doesn't get up, so I go ahead and jump out of bed with this thought in my head: Tch... I ain't putting on my pants for this!

I wrap my blanket around my waist and open up the door, and, in the nicest tone you could possibly imagine, inquire about what the matter was...


"Oh my god!"

Apparently it was the girl who lived under us (heh. Whoops!). She came by asking us to please not "go thump, thump, thump in the middle of the night; we were trying to sleep." I say whatever and then shut the door (heh. Sorry). As I do that, Jason, in his infinite wisdom (and half sleep) bellows out, "Tell them not to go knock, knock, knock in the morning; we're trying to sleep."

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